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Positive Apparel INC

Shipping Personal Goods


It is agreed that the Delivery of Personal Goods by Positive Apparel Inc. from

From: __Bear/Floyds/Kootenay Moon or other__

(Print Company Name)

Is being accepted with the following condition;

It is your responsibly to make sure there is adequate room for all items you have ordered or asked to be picked up to move freely in and out of your house. Doors must be measured and path ways must be cleared. Positive Apparel is not responsible for damages that may occur during said service including but not limited to; Flooring, walls, doors, light fixtures, stairs, or baseboards, if these conditions have not been met.

Someone of authority, owner or otherwise must be present during delivery in order to ensure clear paths and to witness any issues that may arise.

All items are received as is, if unboxed. Positive Apparel is NOT liable for damages on unboxed appliances unless these damages were OBSERVED during delivery. If you are not happy with the item you must pay for the delivery and decide if the items is to be returned to the provider at your cost. Items damaged with in the box will be returned to the provider, unless otherwise agreed upon by you and the provider.

-Additional moving of items will have an additional charge of $150/h (min 1 hour charge)

-Floor covering from point of entry to placement will be the responsibility of the customer

-Removal of doors, door frames, handrails or any other major alteration to house or appliance must be approved by client. Providing these services are at your own risk and PA will not incur any liability.  

The Customer__________________, agrees to hold harmless Positive Apparel or any

(Print Customer Name)

of its employees or agents, and further agrees to defend it from any claims filed by the customer or any other party who wish to submit a claim against the said Delivery.

All Delivery charges must be paid upfront.

____________________________  ____________________________  ________

Signature of Customer                       Print Name                              Date

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