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We Welcome Donations

Please do not leave items out while we are closed. Our neighbours and landlord get very upset when others make a mess in our shared space.

Positive Apparel Thirst Store welcomes donations of items you no longer want or need. Buy brining us your unwanted items we can sell them at a discounted affordable rate for those who couldn’t afford them otherwise

Positive Apparel Thrift Store firmly believes in giving back to our community. Your generous donations will help us do so. We appreciate your cooperation to add value and support. We know that giving feels great.

When donating please bring your items in reasonable sized bags or boxes.

What do we take all the time?

We always take clothing and cloth items like linens in any condition, as long as they are clean and dry. This also includes re-wearable shoes, purses and belts.

We can take a limited amount of:

Household items, due to high drop off demand. A representative will need to review any of these items before accepting them.


Where to take items we no longer accept.

We no longer take:

-Stuffed Toys, Toys or Pillows, Please take to the Landfill

-Children/Baby Car Seats, Playpen’s, Baths, Baby Bouncer Chairs, High Chairs, Baby Gates, etc. Due to Insurance changes, Please take to, Paly it Again Kids, Family Place, Call First

-Books Are No longer Recyclable in BC we can take a very small amount per week, Try Packrat Annie's or book Smyth

-Helmets Due to Insurance changes, Please take to the Landfill if used, if New try Boomtown

-Flip Flops, Rubber Boots or Broken Shoes, Please take to the Landfill

-Sporting Equipment Due to Insurance changes, Please take to Boomtown Sports

-VHS, Please take to the Nelson Bottle Depot

-Broken Electronics, Please take to the Nelson Bottle Depot

-Building Supplies, take to Habitat for Humanity 

Vintage Music Store
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