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Our Dollar Room

What's in there? What's the best deal?


Dollar Clothing

Everyone needs a good deal.

When items don't sell in the store we put them in our Dollar Room located in the Furniture Department. 

You will find Adult clothing, footwear, belts and hats. We also have blankets.

We also curate items that are less expensive such as Walmart Brand, Adrien's and Joe Fresh. Other items that are in need of being laundered, have a small stain or hole, also make there way in to this room.

Although most items are $1 some are more like comforters, Leather jackets and outer wear.

However you can fill always fill a basket to over flowing from this room and only pay $10. That's right... if you have 10 or more items from this room only pay $10 plus tax 

When do items get restocked?

We pull the store's clothing section once or twice a month. These items go directly in to the Dollar Room.

Our Curated items are placed in the room once or twice a week depending on how much has sold.

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