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Do you put items on hold for customers?

Yes we do.

Furniture is a 24 hour hold and once purchased we will allow items to sit for a max of 3 days before picking them up.

Clothing we will hold for up to 1 week unless we are having a large sale like our famous bag sale.

Are the prices at your store negotiable?

Although our main sales floor with clothing and house hold items like kitchen wears and linens are not negotiable we do have a separate room we call out Dollar Room. You will find plenty of clothing, footwear, belts, blankets and hats starting at just $1. You can also fill a basket everyday with anything in the room for on $10.


Our furniture and pawned items are negotiable depending on how much we have paid for the items or how long they have been sitting on our sale floor.

Can we drop off merchandise that we would like to get rid of?

Yes we always take clothing and cloth items like linens in any condition, as long as they are clean and dry. This also includes re-wearable shoes, purses and belts.

We can take a limited amount of:

Household items, due to high drop off demand. A representative will need to review any of these items before accepting them.


For more a more detailed list on what can or cannot take please visit our Donation page

How can I get a Deal?

We have a great room full of clothing, shoes and other bits. Most items are a $1. Jackets, blankets and a few seasonal items are $2 and up. However you can fill a basket with as many items from this room as you'd like for just $10.

What goes into this room? 

Most clothing item from the main sales floor, excluding children's clothing goes into the dollar room, if they have not sold with in a certain time frame. We also curate items that are still desirable but may have small imperfections or need to be washed.

We also have Free bins at the from of the store. Many items that have not sold in the store are put our for free instead of going into the lanfill.

Do you do pick ups?

Yes we have a pick up and delivery service. We pick up unwanted furniture in good condition free of charge in the Nelson Area. We also offer delivery of large furniture/appliance item's purchased in store.

We also do Delivery's for Bears, Floyd's and Kootenay Moon.


You can find more information by visiting our booking page here.

Are you on social media?

I work at or run a thrift store or consignment store and wish to participate in your textile recycling program.

Awesome, we currently help 7 thrift stores and 4 consignment stores with there textile waste.


We do have a set protocol for how we require your items to be packed and delivered. Please contact Aviva at 

Do you purchase items?

Yes we do purchase some items. We currently purchase Gold Jewelry, Newer Tools, Newer Electronics, and Musical Instruments.

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